How to Adapt Your Marketing Now That Private Practice Has Become an “Endangered Species”

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percent of physicians worked in physician-owned practices. At the end of 2020—for the first time ever—less than half ( 49.1% ) of patient care physicians worked in private practice. . of physicians remain in private practice!

3 Practical Strategies for Reducing Patient Dropouts and No-Shows in Outpatient Rehab

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Patient retention is one of the biggest challenges for outpatient therapy practices. The post 3 Practical Strategies for Reducing Patient Dropouts and No-Shows in Outpatient Rehab appeared first on MedBridge Blog.


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6 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Healthcare LMS

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Athletic Training Compliance Enterprise Home Health Hospice Hospital/Health System Learning Management System Occupational Therapy Patient Engagement Physical Therapy Private Practice Professional Development Speech Pathology Staff Engagement

3 Ways Healthcare Technology is Changing Patient Engagement

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Enterprise Home Health Hospital/Health System Industry Trends Patient Engagement Private Practice TelehealthTen years ago, if you met your significant other online, ordered a meal through an app, or asked your phone for the fastest way home, you were definitely outside the norm.

The Healthcare Technology Checklist: Virtual Care Tools to Improve Patient Engagement

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Enterprise Hospital/Health System Leadership Learning Management System Occupational Therapy Patient Engagement Physical Therapy Private Practice Telehealth

How to Integrate Healthcare Software Within Your Clinical Pathways

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Enterprise Hospital/Health System Industry Trends Leadership Learning Management System Occupational Therapy Patient Engagement Physical Therapy Private Practice Telehealth

Benefits of cloud software in healthcare

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This is because cloud computing in healthcare offers tremendous advantages to small private practices, multi-location hospital networks, and independent treatment facilities alike.

CareLinx by Sharecare Forms Clinical Advisory Board for Home Health Platform

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– The aim of the board is to help shape the clinical care offering from CareLinx as well as our nurse retention and recruiting efforts, so we’ve appointed 10 leaders across the nursing field – military, private practice, academia, government, etc.

Help Get Your Patients Better Faster by Leveraging Digital Care Solutions

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From hospitals to private practices, healthcare organizations have been rapidly adopting digital care solutions to continue providing patients with high-quality care during the COVID-19 crisis, but their value extends far beyond a COVID-19 response measure.

Your Guide to Telehealth Implementation: 7 Steps to Move Forward

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For PTs, OTs and SLPs in Private Practice, telehealth is here for at least the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

GoCheck Raises $10M for Digital Pediatric Vision Screening to Protect Children from Vision Impairment and Blindness

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These hospitals, private practices, schools, and screening organizations have screened 5 million patients.

Data Integrity, Security, and Confidentiality: The Building Blocks of Healthcare Data Management

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While these physical tools within a hospital or private practice are important, unstructured data also plays a critical, yet often understated, role in the overall care experience of a patient. Carl D’Halluin, CTO, Datadobi.

OSHA Cracking Down on Workplace Violence Against Home-Based Care Workers

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Home-based care workers are typically working alone in a setting that may be unfamiliar and where they aren’t in complete control, private-practice attorney Elizabeth E. Due to the nature of the job, home-based care workers face the risk of experiencing workplace violence.

8 Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience & Drive Leads with QR Codes

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for your hospital, health system, or medical practice. . Just like hospitals, medical clinics and private practice doctors can also benefit from using QR codes. . We know that today’s healthcare consumers want instant and accessible services. .

EMR vs. EHR: How Do These Two Terms Differ?

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This blog post will define these two terms, explore the benefits of each, and explain how they are different from one another so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your practice!

The Role of a Social Worker in Behavioral Health


This often includes referring a client to a therapist, attending counseling sessions with the client, contributing to and overseeing their treatment plan and helping the client put what they learn into practice. Private Practices. The Benefits of a Paperless Therapy Practice.

COVID-19 Lessons Chart a Path to a Better Healthcare System

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In contrast, practices that were not part of these kinds of systems face much more serious challenges. When in-person visits and elective surgeries are paused, the practices’ revenue streams dry up, precipitating serious financial harm.

How to Bill Insurance Companies for Counseling: 5 Easy Steps


Whether you’re a seasoned behavioral health professional that just opened a private practice or a biller that just landed your first job at a facility, you have to figure out how to bill insurance companies for counseling services.

Complete Guide to Mental Health Billing


One or more of these problems — and many other variables — can make it difficult for mental and behavioral health providers to operate their practice efficiently. Private practice billing services must include proper documentation.

Uber Health Hires First Chief Medical Officer, Aledade’s New CEO, Other Digital Health Appointments

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Rubin brings more than four decades of behavioral health experience working with private practice patients and major healthcare companies, including Cigna and Accolade. Michael Cantor. Uber Health , Uber’s healthcare arm, announced its first Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Cantor.

CMS 1500 Claim Form Instructions


A CMS 1500 form is a claim form you will often use in private practice behavioral health care. Mark an “X” in the appropriate box to show whether your practice accepts Medicare benefit assignments. This practice will help minimize your rejections and denials.

A CEO’s Guide to Hospital Marketing Strategies: 7 Wins You Should Expect from Your Investment

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Many hospitals receive admissions from a mix of employed doctors and private practices. Hospital and health system CEOs must lead their teams to successfully deal with innumerable daily challenges. And we understand that there’s more than marketing on your mind.

Biggest Myths About Clinical Notes


While it's a best practice to keep your notes concise for organization purposes, be sure you're not leaving out critical information in an attempt to keep your notes as brief as possible. Therapy Notes for Private Practice Counseling.

Mental Status Exam Cheat Sheet


In private practice, you have the flexibility to create the sections you want to include in your mental status exam. If you are a behavioral health clinician working in a residential setting or private practice, claim your free trial of ICANotes to aid with documentation.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mental Health Notes


If you’re about to open a private practice or are new to the behavioral health field, it helps to know the various mental health notes you might use when treating clients. Psychotherapy notes are a clinician’s private notes that they take during sessions.

A Therapist’s Guide to Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP) For Adults


Psychiatric rehabilitation practices are designed and implemented to address an individual's specific needs, hopes, aspirations and values. Psychiatric rehabilitation practices support individuals in their recovery to integrate with their community.

Why You Should Share Behavioral Health Notes With Patients


Depending on your practice, you may be legally required to share your notes. Even if the legislation does not apply to your practice, you may still consider sharing your notes with clients due to its advantages. Client Confidentiality: Best Practices for Behavioral Therapy Patients.

COVID-19 Lessons: A Path to a Better Health Care System

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The 31 multi-specialty medical groups and integrated health systems that are part of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), their 85,000 physicians, and hundreds of thousands of staff are at the forefront of the battle for their patients’ lives.

5 Top-Tier Certifications for Medical Coders


Table of Contents Professional Coder Certification (CPC) Outpatient Hospital/Facility Certification (COC) Inpatient Hospital/Facility Certification (CIC) Risk Adjustment Certification (CRC) Family Practice Coder Certification (CFPC) Conclusion.

The Definitive Step-By-Step Guide to Mental Health Billing


Although the billing rules within the mental health space seem archaic, the practice sends shivers down the spine across the entire medical world…regardless of specialty. ANSI-837P ANSI 837P is the accepted electronic format for practices that have to submit under the CMS1500 form.

50+ Shocking Physician Burnout Statistics You'll Never Believe


42% OF PHYSICIANS ARE RELUCTANT TO SEEK MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT (Psychiatry Advisor) Doctors fear their job security or loss of their practice if word got out that they needed help themselves. Debt averages were even higher at $206,000 for private medical school graduates.

Back to the Future: Welcome to the Patient Centered Medical Home (Guest Post)

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I wanted my practice to provide easy access to comprehensive medical care. In a “regular” practice, patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, are typically told to schedule their routine follow-up appointments as they leave the office. Your health insurance company may have a list of these practices in your area. Lyon, MD, is a board certified family physician with 25 years of experience in private practice.