Buzzwords in Patient Safety: Some Preliminary Thoughts

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In the National Health Service (NHS) in England, we have seen such pervading terms as clinical governance , patient empowerment, controls assurance, and patient advocacy. The patient safety context. By John Tingle and Amanda Cattini.

Running circles around patient safety


In comparison, Yale University used revised criteria to define death due to preventable medical error and found that 22,000 patients were lost in 2020 due to needless mistakes. For decades, traffic engineers have struggled with developing “crash proof” intersections as a way to improve safety.


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Patient Safety Representatives Unite to Implement Global Patient Safety Action Plan in the United States


Globally, more people die now from medical errors or other breakdowns in the quality and safety of healthcare services than from lack of access to them. (1) Preventable harm in the healthcare system is an urgent public health challenge, internationally and in the United States.

Overlays: Eradicating One of Healthcare’s Greatest Patient Safety Issues

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The article Overlays: Eradicating One of Healthcare’s Greatest Patient Safety Issues appeared first on Editorial Beth Haenke Just eradicating patient overlay records HIM data integrity Just Associates Karen Proffitt overlay correction plan overlay reporting patient matching patient safety third-party dataThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited.

Patient Safety: Now and Always

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D

To a patient, safety is an assumption. Patients and families assume that the hospital is a haven of care and consideration, a place where those who care for them have their best interest in mind in every action, and they are well protected. Patient Safety Risks: Then vs Now.

The financial impact of patient safety errors

Patient Safety Blog

Keeping patients safe: It’s what healthcare providers strive to do every day. Look at any hospital or healthcare organization’s mission statement, and you’ll see that it addresses patient safety in some way—often listing safety as the number-one priority.

Developing standards for hospital-wide patient safety

Patient Safety Blog

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a rallying cry about patient safety as a global public health concern—and with good reason. In addition to the risks of injury or death, failure to adequately address patient safety increases the cost of care.

The impact of Continuum of Care on patient safety

Patient Safety Blog

In a continuum of care, the concept of an integrated care system, there are many risks for patient safety. Let’s explain that with an example: patient safety communication

How patient safety software should work with other healthcare IT

Patient Safety Blog

When leveraged properly, patient safety software offers a multitude of benefits to your healthcare organization. Poor “communication” between software diminishes the end user’s experience and hinders the ability to facilitate positive patient outcomes.

4 ways improving clinical communication boosts patient safety

Spok Inc

When it really comes down to it, patient safety is intrinsically tied to how a care team communicates every minute of the day. Explore the 4 ways improving communication elevates patient safety. The post 4 ways improving clinical communication boosts patient safety appeared first on Spok Inc. Patient Safety

The Patient Safety Issue of Racial Disparities and the Opportunity for “Health Equity By Design”

Health Populi

In 2021, racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare are a top patient safety issue, according to ECRI’s annual list of major concerns facing healthcare consumers’ risks to adverse events that can harm them.

How value-based healthcare affects patient safety and satisfaction

Patient Safety Blog

This innovative system has big advantages for patient safety and patient satisfaction and is rapidly replacing traditional “fee for service” models. patient safety quality management

Patient safety events jumped amid COVID-19 strain on hospitals, Press Ganey reports

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Patient safety events jumped amid COVID-19 strain on hospitals, Press Ganey reports. dmuoio. Thu, 10/21/2021 - 16:01

Achieving healthcare excellence through patient safety and equity [Podcast]


On our most recent episode of the MEDITECH podcast, I was joined by Jennifer Zelmer, PhD, President and CEO of Healthcare Excellence Canada to discuss this new organization, as well as Jennifer’s passion for patient safety and equity, and what the new normal looks like for healthcare and IT.

World Patient Safety Day 2021 Act now for safe & respectful childbirth

Life Qi

The World Health Organisation (WHO) are marking their third, annual World Patient Safety Day on 17 th September focusing on the theme “Safe maternal and newborn care”.

I AM Patient Safety - 2021 Annual Achievement Awards

Patient Safety

Recently, the nursing team on 3 South at Fox Chase Cancer Center reached the significant milestone of one full year—365 consecutive days—with no patient falls on their unit. Staff were educated on the new patient education form developed by the Fall Prevention Committee.

MedStar Patient Safety Lecture


“Giving patients more of a voice in healthcare is hugely important” – Marty Hatlie. Marty Hatlie, CAPS founder and board member, participated on a panel at the MedStar Crouse Patient Safety Lecture on October 2, 2019. to discuss patient safety.

How to leverage Patient Safety Awareness Week during COVID?


March 14 – 20th marks yet another National Patient Safety Week. This annual event creates a platform for organizations to develop and grow awareness about patient safety. Much has been said and written about why patient safety matters.

I’m Just a Bill on Capitol Hill: News on Patient Safety & Interoperability


With so much evolving in healthcare and technology, it can be hard to keep up and difficult to see where the work that we, and our peers, do is being applied to help caregivers and patients. AMGA: Patient Data Access Rules May Tarnish Patient Experience.

Why is Patient Safety in Its Own Bucket?

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D

I have always wondered why patient safety is talked about by itself. As if all other procedures, policies, and practices are not about safety. And why should patient safety be separate from the patient experience? Act appropriately in ensuring safety.

Changing the Patient Safety Narrative


As with any participant of the patient safety improvement community – I often read the perspectives of Dr. Peter Pronovost with interest. Specifically, the article targets five false safety narratives. 5 False Safety Narratives: Patient harm is inevitable.

The Surgical Safety Huddle: A Novel Quality Improvement Patient Safety Initiative

Patient Safety

Background: Acutely deteriorating patients are entitled to the best possible care, which includes early recognition and timely appropriate intervention to reduce adverse events, unnecessary admissions to intensive care, and/or cardiac arrest.

Patient Safety: The Tale of the Lost COW

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D

Inevitably, these COWs wander from floor to floor and multiply, creating risks for patient safety. ” While permitted, what are the risks of storing carts in the hospital corridor to patient safety? They carry safety risks for patients, visitors, and staff.

How Are Patient Safety and the Patient Experience Related?

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D

How can patients have good experiences if they do not feel safe? And, how is patient safety evidenced beyond the accidents that do not happen? Safety precautions are ever present in our daily lives. Focusing on the Obvious for Patient Safety. I am confused.

Challenges and Potential Solutions for Patient Safety in an Infectious-Agent-Isolation Environment: A Study of 484 COVID-19-Related Event Reports Across 94 Hospitals

Patient Safety

Previous research has shown that patients in infectious-agent isolation are at greater risk for certain types of safety-related events. We measured the frequency of relationship between categories of safety-related event types and 18 categories of associated factors.

To Follow or Not: The Rules About Patient Safety

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D

For four hours, we were asked questions that revealed that this was a medical negligence case, and something about sepsis, and something else about patient safety protocols and hernia operations. How Important Is It to Follow Patient Safety Rules? Patient Safety

2020 Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting: An Analysis of Serious Events and Incidents from the Nation’s Largest Event Reporting Database

Patient Safety

million acute care event reports, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System (PA-PSRS) is the largest repository of patient safety data in the United States and one of the largest in the world. reports per 1,000 patient days, respectively.

Patient Safety Improvement with a National Health Record


Patient Safety is the result of practices and policies that healthcare organizations employ to protect patients from preventable harm. This puts the patient’s safety at considerable risk. Healthcare healthcare National Health Record patient safety

Encore Post: “Do No Harm” is Not Enough Anymore for Patient Safety

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D

Note: This is a popular post from 2014 that is still relevant to the critical issue of patient safety. Florence Nightingale was not only the Mother of Modern Nursing; she also was the Mother of Healthcare Design and Patient Safety. Patient Safety

5 stories to celebrate National Healthcare Quality Week


Physician Population Health Patient Safety Health IT Transformative Technology Care CoordinationRecognize National Healthcare Quality Week 2021 by learning more about how technology is helping healthcare professionals to make a positive impact on their communities.

5 Tips For Delivering First-Rate Healthcare Services

Electronic Health Reporter

If you are looking to run a successful healthcare business, be it a small office or a clinic, you need to ensure your patients always receive high-quality services. To be able to deliver the best possible care services to your patients, you will have to create the appropriate environment and focus on the training of […]. Editorial Delivering First-Rate Healthcare Services Improve patient safety Mil-tek België

ECRI CEO calls on FDA, industry to revisit COVID-19 medical device EUAs as shortages ebb

Health Care Dive

Marcus Schabacker spoke about patient safety, cyberattacks in healthcare and risks from the rise of at-home care

“The Front Line Is Shrinking:” Nurses Re-Imagine Nursing at the #NurseHack4Health Hackathon

Health Populi

This year inspired nearly 800 registrants from at least 48 countries to convene via Microsoft Teams for one huge, timely and profound purpose: to acknowledge and improve the state of nursing for nurses, for patients, and for health care.

How Citizens Memorial stayed connected with patients during the pandemic [Podcast]


How did one small rural hospital maintain the personal contact that’s so important to providers and patients in the midst of a global pandemic — and how is healthcare technology transforming how they deliver care ? Patient Safety Transformative Technology Coronavirus

PDMP: Helping Ensure Safety in Prescribing

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And, for the better part of a century, they have largely done that, as long as physicians prescribed them appropriately and patients carefully followed their doctors’ orders. patient safety Prescription Drug Monitoring Program PDMP controlled substances