NAHQ Offers Limited-Time Savings on Preparation Materials for CPHQ Certification


Healthcare professionals engaged in q uality encouraged to join nearly 13,000 others worldwide in earning only accredited certification in H ealthcare Q uality . CPHQs also spend more time on their professional development ,” Mercado said. “

Understanding the Evolving Landscape of Healthcare Quality


I encourage you to keep abreast of these developments from your professional home. This quick exercise, which should take 5-10 minutes, offers line-of-sight into current landscape conditions and needs among healthcare professionals engaged in quality.

The Secret Guide to Working With a Recruiter


First things first; one thing that is a fundamental truth across all professional engagements and a small, but very important tactic that anyone can apply: be nice. . Hint: Tanya recommends always leaning towards business professional for your interview, regardless of the role, but the recruiter can help you understand how formal to take it.). How to Best Work With a Recruiter.