Improving rural care and health equity with telemedicine

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Which is why we sat down with Shayan Vyas, senior vice president and medical director of hospital and health system at Teladoc Health – to glean his expertise on telemedicine and rural care, both the benefits and the challenges.

Antidote Health debuts telemedicine-based mental health clinic

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The telemedicine company contends this approach is twice as effective as traditional care. " Antidote Health said its telemedicine healthcare services are priced lower than many insurance copayments and deductibles.

Telemedicine reached disadvantaged communities during pandemic, study finds

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The results surprised Johns Hopkins University researchers, who said it contrasted with earlier findings showing an inverse link between socioeconomic status and use of telemedicine in the pandemic

Health Equity + Telemedicine

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This week on HCLDR we welcome two very special guest hosts: Stacy Hurt @stacy_hurt and Andrew Watson, MD @arwmd They will be leading us in a discussion on health equity + telemedicine. How can we use technology, and telemedicine in particular, to help solve the dilemma of health equity?

Swiftarc Ventures Launches $75M Telemedicine Venture Fund

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It forced an inflection point for the Telemedicine and Digital Health Industries, where 10 years’ worth of innovation was pushed forward in 4 months’ time. Digital Health Startups Telehealth telemedicine

'A quiet suffering': Primary care struggles with COVID-19 strain, telemedicine rollbacks

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Despite broad bipartisan support for telehealth in Washington, the return of restrictions — even nominal ones — threaten the viability of virtual services offered by cash-strapped primary care offices, a new survey finds

The future of telemedicine: purpose-built, integrated platforms

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Propelled into mainstream use by the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine is becoming standard practice for many healthcare providers. While telemedicine has undoubtedly come a long way, it still has significant limitations. Purpose-built telemedicine platforms.

Coping with Crises: Using Telemedicine to Deliver Effective Virtual Critical Care

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that telemedicine is essential for keeping the healthcare system running during a crisis. NETCCN and its partners, including Avel eCare, worked quickly to connect remote community hospitals with skilled critical care clinicians using telemedicine technology.

Telemedicine: What Slows Down the Healthcare of the Future

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Yet, many barriers are hampering telemedicine’s success. This article explores the challenges of telemedicine and examines solutions to resolve current issues. Main Obstacles the Telemedicine is Facing Today. Pandemic allowed those who were hesitant to try out telemedicine.

Does telemedicine result in duplicative care? Depends on the patient, study suggests

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Whether or not telehealth visits result in duplicative care — a hot topic on the Hill as Congress debates future telemedicine regulation — could depend on if users have acute or chronic conditions, according to new research

Why Telemedicine Isn’t A Temporary Fix — It’s The Future

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But with new COVID variants continuing to emerge, not to mention the convenience virtual care offers, it’s becoming increasingly clear telemedicine wasn’t a “temporary fix” — it’s here to stay. The current state of telemedicine and its limitations.

Telemedicine Platform Offers Outpatient COVID-19 Treatment

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Following the FDA ruling to authorize the emergency use of PAXLOVIDTM, Alpha providers are now able to prescribe COVID-19 treatment when appropriate, to a patient’s local pharmacy through their asynchronous telemedicine platform. Telehealth telemedicine Virtual Primary Care

As cross-state telemedicine waivers expire, virtual care advocates focus on long-term policy changes

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There’s a complication: No one solution to the U.S.’ ’ patchy physician licensing infrastructure has universal buy-in

How the hybrid future of telemedicine may play out

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Today, the healthcare industry has started to reach a consensus that the future of telemedicine will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person care. Healthcare IT News interviewed Kristin to get her expertise on the subject of the future of telemedicine and hybrid care.

Vital Start Health Launches Virtual Reality-Enabled Telemedicine Platform for Maternal Mental Health

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Digital Health Telehealth cloud health insurance Health Systems Mental Health Microsoft Partners Patient Monitoring remote patient monitoring telehealth telemedicine Virtual Reality Vital

Henry Ford Health System gets ROI from employer-based telemedicine clinic

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There are many vendors of telemedicine technology and services on the health IT market today. Stevens offers five bits of telemedicine advice for her peers: "Integration is key.

Telemedicine-Supported Medication-Assisted Treatment Should Remain Available After Pandemic

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What You Should Know: – A staggering 100% of patients believe that telemedicine-supported Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) should remain available even after the pandemic comes to an end, according to new findings from a survey conducted by Bicycle Health.

From Pandemic to Endemic, What Is Next for Telemedicine as COVID Evolves?

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From Pandemic to Endemic, What Is Next for Telemedicine as COVID Evolves? Thu, 02/10/2022 - 09:47

The future of the waiting room, and how telemedicine and mobile health could change it

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He discussed why doctors should work to mitigate long patient wait times through prescheduling tools, the negative impact of long wait times and how they impede care, telemedicine's impact on in-person visits, and the future of the waiting room.

Why the “Great Resignation” is Driving Physicians to Explore Opportunities in Telemedicine

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Why the “Great Resignation” is Driving Physicians to Explore Opportunities in Telemedicine. Mon, 03/14/2022 - 11:03

Like it, love it, gotta have it? A health economist on different attitudes toward telemedicine

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As more data has emerged about telehealth after the initial spike in March 2020, many industry-watchers, providers and patients are seeking to dig into who's using virtual care – and who's eased off.

Four ways to overcome telemedicine hesitation


Healthcare american telemedicine association ATA collaboration Digital transformation healthcare mobility patients providers technology telehealth telemedicine videoIt’s 2017 and we’re still waiting for the flying car (well, one we can afford). However, one futuristic vision is not only here – it’s become a way of life. I’m talking about video communication. Sure, applications like Skype and FaceTime have been popular for a while. But recently, video has exploded into the […].

Recommendations to Enhance Telemedicine in Nursing Homes in the Age of COVID-19

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Are you already using telemedicine in your LTC facility? Recommendations to Enhance Telemedicine in Nursing Homes in the Age of COVID-19 is set to appear in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association [1]. Telemedicine activity in U.S.

Can Telemedicine Increase Health Equity? A Conversation with Antoinette Thomas, Dave Ryan, and Me with the ATA

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“Yes,” we concurred on our session convened by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) EDGE session today. We covered, The theory that telemedicine should increase health equity — where are we and what are the barriers to getting there?

Reflections from HLTH 2021: Telemedicine, Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring


At the HLTH conference in Boston this week, telemedicine was the subject of a lot of conversation. The twin themes of telehealth – replacing visits – and remote monitoring – managing care – dominated panels and the exhibit hall alike.

Ohio’s Pandemic Telemedicine Flexibilities for Physicians Extended to End of 2021

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In March 2020, the State Medical Board of Ohio issued guidance temporarily relaxing Ohio’s telemedicine rules for physicians, permitting physicians to use telemedicine in place of in-person visits in many circumstances for the duration of Ohio’s COVID-19 state of emergency declaration. With Governor DeWine’s termination of the state of emergency in June of 2021, the Medical Board is now planning to resume pre-pandemic telemedicine rules for physicians at the end of the year.

The True Cost of Telehealth

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While many believe telemedicine startup costs to be high, telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) can in fact save your organization millions of dollars per year by reducing a patient’s number of hospital readmissions.

AWS, Deloitte Power Virtual Rapid Health Assistance Solution

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NETCCN is managed by the US Army’s Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), which is an integral part of the U.S. This operation is an example of how cloud computing technology can be used to provide telemedicine solutions during crisis situations.

How Twitter Revealed Consumer Health Care Trends in the Pandemic

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Three mega-trends bubbled up on the platform for health — telemedicine and virtual care, broadband access, and mental health, discussed in a Birdseye Report Industry Deep Dive into Health from Brandwatch, partnering with Twitter. First, what did Twitter reveal about telemedicine?

Doximity Study Finds Telehealth Is Health for Every Day Care

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Doximity’s second report on telemedicine explores both physicians’ and patients’ views on virtual care, finding most doctors and health consumers on the same page of virtual care adoption. Telemedicine use did not vary much across physician age groups.

Reconciling fatigue to transform the future of medical education

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Telemedicine. Virtual learning experiences. Remediation gaps. Born out of the pandemic, these innovations present opportunities for a medical education community currently faced with obstacles

Digital Health in Japan and Korea – Where Is It Heading?

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Digital Health has been under the spotlight for years, and the interests have been further intensified ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as the crucial underlying technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine, and wearable devices.

Crisis in the U.S. Healthcare Workforce: Why It’s Time to introduce AI

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American Telemedicine Association: Telestroke Guidelines. Paying for Telemedicine in Smaller Rural Hospitals: Extending the Technology to Those Who Benefit Most. Andrew Pucher, CEO of Dascena, Inc.

Bicycle Health Secures $50M for Virtual Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

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Founded in 2017, Bicycle Health provides confidential, convenient and clinically-validated Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) and Integrated Behavioral Health support via telemedicine, for the treatment of opioid use disorder.

Telehealth Payment Parity Explained

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telehealth billing cost of telemedicine telehealth payment payment parity telehealth payment parityWhen the national healthcare system was pushed to its limits by the pandemic, telehealth emerged as a solution to maintain healthcare access and improve patient and practitioner experience.

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Top News AmplifyMD, which connects hospitals to specialists via telemedicine, News

How Virtual Care is Morphing into “Just” Healthcare – my post in Medecision Liberation

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Before the pandemic, the dominant work-flow for telemedicine was for triage, primary care and pediatrics (think: your child registers a 105-degree fever on a Saturday night and the pediatrician’s office is closed).

Analysis: How Will The Roadmap for Diagnostic Cardiology Devices Develop?

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The use of wearables during the COVID-19 pandemic increased dramatically, helping cardiologists to extend the use of the patient’s own wearable solutions during telemedicine consultations to help whilst inpatient visits were limited.

The American Medical Association Releases a Report Urging Healthcare Stakeholders to Enhance Behavioral Health Integration Through Digital Tools

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Federal Behavioral Health Plan Released

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All Posts Federal Guidance behavioral health Cost Sharing COVID-19 Department of Health and Human Services HHS Joe Biden mental health mental health parity social media State of the Union telehealth telemedicine

Post-Pandemic Telehealth Utilization

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Background The last year saw a significant increase in the use of alternative health care delivery methods (especially telemedicine, or telehealth1), as patients either avoided or were unable to access.

Hint Health Raises $45M To Expand Direct Primary Care (DPC) Network

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At a median cost as low as $75 per month, patients within the DPC model get unlimited access to primary care, telemedicine, and urgent care. Digital Health Startups Direct Primary Care model Partners Primary Care telemedicine urgent care

BestLife Holdings Raises $50M+ Portfolio Expansion with Cenegenics

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Over the past 25 years, Cenegenics has established an incredibly effective health performance platform with a 20 location national footprint and extensive telemedicine infrastructure,” said Carly Stockdale, CEO of BestLife. Kristy Berry (left) and Carly Stockdale (right).