Accountability is Not Micromanaging

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Accountability is Not Micromanaging. But don’t confuse micromanaging with holding people accountable. Holding people accountable is essential to achieving goals and getting the desired results. He was confusing accountability with micro-management.

Accountability Strengthens the Culture

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Accountability Strengthens the Culture. A culture of accountability doesn’t just happen. ” The staff knows which leaders will hold them accountable and which will not. Creating a memorable foundation for a culture of accountability.


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CMMI wants every Medicare beneficiary in an accountable care plan by 2030

Health Care Dive

Officials acknowledged provider concerns that current models are too burdensome and benchmarks too complex, which the innovation center aims to rectify

Accountability in Healthcare When Adverse Events Occur

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Adverse events are an inevitable part of healthcare. Even when healthcare organizations pay strict attention to detail and plan for all likely outcomes, there will always be a percentage of adverse events that are simply unavoidable. communication incident management

Pandemic relief funds were unevenly distributed, didn't account for community burden: Health Affairs

Health Care Dive

Researchers analyzed HHS data on the Provider Relief Fund and found hospitals serving fewer patients with employer-sponsored insurance received less funding

Finalized Interoperability Rules Hold Health IT Developers Accountable, Sparking Demand for Innovative EHR Browser Extensions

Electronic Health Reporter

The article Finalized Interoperability Rules Hold Health IT Developers Accountable, Sparking Demand for Innovative EHR Browser Extensions appeared first on This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Phil Giarth, director of product, DataLink. The U.S.

Cerner Launches RevElate Patient Accounting for Rev Cycle Portfolio

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What You Should Know: – Today Cerner announced the launch of Cerner RevElate™, the company’s go-forward patient accounting product that will bring new and enhanced capabilities to the Cerner® revenue cycle management portfolio.

‘We Will Hold You Accountable’: New York Home Health Agencies to Pay $18.5 Million

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To any company in New York City that thinks they can get away with withholding workers’ rights and violating our laws: We will hold you accountable.”. The post ‘We Will Hold You Accountable’: New York Home Health Agencies to Pay $18.5

Cerner unveils RevElate Patient Accounting platform to unify its RCM offerings

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Cerner unveils RevElate Patient Accounting platform to unify its RCM offerings. dmuoio. Wed, 10/06/2021 - 11:29

Characteristics and Performance of ACOs and Accountable Physician Groups: What Does the Evidence Tell Us?

Accountable Care Doctors

The Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP) engaged the Institute for Accountable Care (IAC) to review recent literature to assess the current state of research on the characteristics and performance of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and accountable physician groups.

U.S. Hospitals Will Lose $323 Billion in 2020 – Before Accounting for Growing COVID Cases

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Hospitals Will Lose $323 Billion in 2020 – Before Accounting for Growing COVID Cases appeared first on

How to Build an Improvement Accountability System


Healthcare improvement accountability is often lacking, making your team’s accomplishments, frustrations, and suggestions feel unnoticed or less valuable. 8 Tips for Keeping the Improvement Team Accountable. What can you do today to start building your accountability system?

[Perspective] Digital Account Opening: The Secret to Growth Amid Covid-19?


Instead of trying to do it all at once as a response to a crisis, you should prioritize capabilities that are critical to attracting, acquiring, and engaging new account holders. Mobile end-to-end account opening is one of those areas.

Using Data Exchange to flip the sign on Amounts for Account Reconciliations Cloud


When loading data into an Oracle Accounts Reconciliations Cloud Services (ARCS) application, data is mapped to be loaded from the Source system into the Profile Segments. Profile Segments are the components of the ‘Account ID’ used to uniquely identify profiles and reconciliations.

Council of Accountable Physician Practices Elects Joe Kimura, MD, MPH, Atrius Health, to Board of Directors

Accountable Care Doctors

The Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), a coalition of visionary medical groups and health systems supporting accountable value-based care, has added Joe Kimura, MD, MPH, to its board of directors.

Customer Bank Account Updates for AR Draft Invoices


When the customer bank account is created or updated via the user interface, the system defaults the start date to the current system date. In order to draft the customer’s bank account, the receivable invoices need to be selected by the automatic receipt process.

10 Questions Banks Should Ask About Their Digital Account-Opening Capabilities


Banks should use Covid-19 as an opportunity to assess their end-to-end digital account-opening capabilities. Here are the top 10 questions they should ask themselves: How long does it take to open an account digitally? How many clicks does it take to open an online account?

FCCS Account Types and Translation


In HFM we are used to assigning Account Type = Balance for Balance Sheet Accounts and Account Type = Flow for P&L Accounts. Balance Accounts are translated using Ending Rates while Flow Accounts are translated using Average Rates. In FCCS, we assign Account Type = Flow both for Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts. Since data are periodic, this allows the calculation of Changes due to Foreign Exchange for Balance Sheet Accounts.

How Taking Care of Your Health Boosts Savings Accounts

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The post How Taking Care of Your Health Boosts Savings Accounts appeared first on It will cost about $275,000 for a couple retiring in the U.S. this year to cover their healthcare costs for the rest of their life in retirement, Fidelity estimated. But Americans are notoriously pretty undisciplined about saving money, compared with peers living in other developed countries. How to address this challenge?

[Guide] Modern Accounting: How to Overcome Financial Close Challenges


More specifically, you’ll learn to shorten the period-close process and pivot from collecting data to analysis with advanced tools designed to help the accounting office modernize and potentially eliminate certain routine and rote tasks. In our first blog post, we’ll give a general overview of the guide and introduce transformative insight into today’s modern accounting. So how does the modern accounting office improve its performance?

Tip: Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis in Cloud Projects


One in particular is the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis. If run out of the box, the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis will complete in error (summarized below): ERROR. This will clear the error and you can successfully display the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis from Assets. When standing up a new Cloud Projects environment some of the analytics are not ready for prime time. There are a few steps that need to be performed before they will work.

Google Is Going to Offer Checking Accounts Next Year


Google is going to offer checking accounts next year. When asked about Google’s checking accounts plan, U.S. Financial Services Google financial services digital transformation Google Checking AccountThat’s big, and scary, for a lot of banks.

Modernize Accounting and Reap the Benefits with a Faster Period Close


Attendees were asked a series of polling questions throughout the event and the answers provide some insight into future plans, if any, to modernize accounting practices around period close. Our team of EPM experts have deep expertise with Oracle and strong finance and accounting backgrounds.

How to Enable FCCS Balance Account


The basic Accounting formula is Total Assets = Total Liabilities + Total Equity. The seeded account FCCS_Balance in FCCS application is designed to temporarily house the imbalance in the basic Accounting formula at Entity Currency. By default, this seeded account is Disabled for all Scenarios. To enable this account, open the Balance the Balance Sheet screen located at: Application> Consolidation> Local Currency > Balance the Balance Sheet.

How to Account for Project Revenue and Invoices in Oracle Cloud PPM


This might cause issues in accounting if not paying attention during configuration. In most cases, setup is a straight forward SLA rule to credit a revenue account. Overlooking the accounting life-cycle of both the revenue and invoice in Oracle Cloud PPM is problematic. If you select the Revenue account value, then Revenue will double book, debit Receivables and credit Revenue.

Community-Based Response to Intimate Partner Violence During COVID-19 Pandemic

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The pandemic showed that community-based supports , like pod mapping , mutual aid, and community accountability , originally developed by activists critical of law enforcement responses to violence, can foster safety and accountability without requiring state intervention.

7 Tips To Save On Prescription Costs

Electronic Health Reporter

Editorial generic drugs health savings accounts Needy Meds Save on Prescription CostsThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. There’s no getting around it: prescription drugs are expensive. In fact, if you have a lousy insurance policy, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket just to get your hands on the medications that you need. Are you in this position? Wondering how to soften the blow?

HIM Professionals Advocate For Uniform HIPAA Protection Across Social, mHealth Apps

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Editorial AHIMA CEO Wylecia Wiggs Harris American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Merit-Based Incentive Payment System mhealth appsThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited.

HHS Extends Comment Period For Proposed Rules To Improve the Interoperability of Electronic Health Information

Electronic Health Reporter

Editorial Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) interoperability of health information technology U.S. This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. Today, the U.S.

5 Steps Accountable Care Organizations Can Take in Preparation for Implementing Population Health Management Programs

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As we know, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are complex ecosystems and the implementation of new population health management programs can be daunting. New initiatives require time, behavior change, and workflow redesign. Here are steps your organization can take in advance of new program integration to maximize success. Define the ACO’s Population Health Goals: I entered “ Population Health Management ” into Google search and received 430,000 results in 31 seconds.

Why Becoming ACO Improves Your Quality Payment Reporting?


ACO or Accountable Care Organization is a group of doctors, hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare providers. Accountability. There is a higher rate of accountability among ACO-affiliated healthcare providers. Overview.

38 States Have Increased HCBS Payments During the Pandemic

Home Health Care

But while the emergency waivers issued by CMS helped limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, their full impact is largely known, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Medicaid Government Accountability Office

Your Internal Monologue can Sabotage your Leadership 

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She’s gaining confidence in her newfound strength and witnessing a higher level of accountability in her staff. . If you are still unsure, contact Baird Group and we can teach you useful leadership skills to hold yourself and your staff accountable.

CMS Proposed Changes for ACO Reporting 2021


From the next performance year (2021), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) expect different reporting requirements under the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

Oracle Cloud Payments – Encryption, Masking and Tokenization for data protection.


To protect your credit card and external bank account information, Oracle Payment system provides the tools to enable your information security policies and assure your employees and business partners that your business takes securing their information seriously.