Nurses Month 2022: Nurses make a difference 

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Pandemic keeps exacerbating burnout among nurses, including travelers

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Animosity is also growing between core nursing staff and traveling nurses who are often contracted to do the same work for much higher pay, staffing firm Aya Healthcare said

Nurses at Massachusetts Tenet hospital ratify contract, ending 9-month strike

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The deal includes some staffing improvements that were top priorities for nurses, including limits on how many patients can be assigned in certain hospital units, along with wage increases, the union said

Demand for US Travel Nurses Plunges

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In the past months, many hospitals and other health care providers have noted the steep rise in the cost of hiring nurses. Many providers saw double digit year-on-year growth of nurse wages. In large part, much of the additional cost was due to the rise of travelling nurses.

Nursing shortages

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One would expect that as vaccine uptake has risen and cases have fallen, interest in the nursing profession would rise and those who left the nursing profession due to COVID-19 may return. Hospitals all over the country are struggling, especially those in lower-population areas…Nearly 99 percent of rural hospitals surveyed said they were experiencing a staffing shortage; 96 percent of them said they were having the most difficulty finding nurses.

Nurse employment and wage trends

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Recent news articles have spilled much ink about the current nurse shortage. ” Nursing wages are rising as well. million to recruit nurses. Nursing homes saw only a small decline as of April 2020 (?3

Burnout, delta variant boost demand for traveling nurses again

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Hospitals are probably paying 10% to 20% more than they were during previous COVID-19 waves for travel nurses, Kathy Kohnke, senior vice president of client relations at Fastaff, said

Magnet-Worthy: Building Transformational Nurse Leaders

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It’s tough to achieve and maintain Magnet status — the gold standard of nursing excellence — in the midst of a massive nursing shortage, growing defections and discontent. This work is also at the heart of aligning nursing strategy with the organizational strategic plan.

“The Front Line Is Shrinking:” Nurses Re-Imagine Nursing at the #NurseHack4Health Hackathon

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While nurses were in short supply before 2020, the coronavirus pandemic and stress on front-line health care workers exacerbated the shortage of nursing staff globally. Driving administrative efficiency in nursing care delivery, and.

Nursing union says hospitals aren't following OSHA standard amid delta

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Industry groups opposed the rules laying out masking, social distancing, testing and exposure notification requirements for hospitals and nursing homes.

Stanford nurses ratify deal, ending weeklong strike

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Nurses will return to work Tuesday after ratifying a deal on new contracts that include measures to better retain and recruit nursing staff, the union said

Five Types Of Abuse In A Nursing Home

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Nursing homes care for the elderly, people with disabilities, or those who are terminally ill. However, abuse can take many different forms in nursing homes and can devastatingly impact the residents. Implementing some steps can help protect the residents of nursing homes from abuse.

Current COVID-19 Nursing Home Data Available

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CMS has posted the COVID-19 Nursing Home data for the week ending June 12, 2022. Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare. Comparing the June 12 th data to the previous June 5 th data shows these changes: Resident vaccination rate decreased 0.1%

Readers Write: Answering the Call of Nurses Month: Arming Nursing Schools to Fill the Practice Gap


Answering the Call of Nurses Month: Arming Nursing Schools to. Readers Write

Staffing laws, unionization can improve nurse retention, new research shows

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Nurses cannot provide the health care that they know they're capable of because of their working conditions,” said Robert Bruno, one of the report’s authors and a professor at the University of Illinois

1K Los Angeles Kaiser nurses to go on strike

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The nurses are demanding measures they say will improve staffing conditions in new contracts, like the addition of more ancillary staff to ensure nurses are able to take adequate rest and meal breaks

HCA opening eighth nursing campus

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The new campus in North Carolina comes as health systems across the country deal with heightened turnover and staffing challenges spurred by the pandemic

COVID Nursing and PTSD

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In fact, I would hazard that no one wants to be able to write about how their job gave them a debilitating mental illness that endangered their life and livelihood, but after living through nursing 2020–2021, here we are. million other nurses.

Supporting assault survivors and nurse examiners with electronic assessments


It’s so important that nurses take the time to give that extra level of patient support in these circumstances, while also documenting carefully and accurately. EHR nurses Patients

Nurse Burnout and the Patient Experience: The COVID Crush

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Nurses hear about insufficiencies like not enough ventilators, not enough medication, not enough patient beds; there is not enough of anything. The burnout rate was high even before Covid-19 started, with 50% for physicians and 33% for nurses.

Nurses Hacking for Health and Compassionomics

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The hearts and minds of nurses are fertile and inspirational sources and engines for health care innovation. This round, the hackathon attracted hundreds of nurses from at least 20 countries and 30 U.S. Health Populi’s Hot Points: Why support nurses for health care innovation?

The PREP Act and Nursing Homes’ Fight to Move COVID Claims to Federal Court

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As nursing homes face wrongful death claims amid the COVID-19 pandemic , they increasingly have pursued a common litigation strategy : attempting to reroute state tort lawsuits to federal court. Nursing Home Litigation Strategy Under the PREP Act. By Kaitlynn Milvert.

Nurses Continue to Rule in Honesty and Ethics in U.S. Professions – Healthcare Professions Still Top Gallup’s Annual Poll

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And nurses are at the top of the list for the 20th year in a row. Note that nurses are highly rated for ethics and honesty by both Republican and Democrat voters, with a mere 1 point difference between the two party IDs. million nursing professionals.

Driving nurse retention and performance as turnover rates climb

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Chances are your organization is struggling to fill nurse vacancies today, and nurses under your roof are struggling with burnout. Earlier this spring, a letter from the American Hospital Association to Congress reported two-thirds of hospitals have a nurse vacancy rate of 7.5%

3 in 10 nurses want to leave their employers, survey shows

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Nurses younger than 35 said they were most likely to leave their current job, a particularly troubling trend for providers already under staffing strains

The unspoken courage of modern nursing


As the unprecedented Years of the Nurse draw to a close, I cannot let this moment pass without once again recognizing our incredible nursing community. Health IT nurses Coronavirus

Travel nurses: a challenging population for credentialing and monitoring

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Travel nursing continues to rise – how are you monitoring license verifications across state lines

Nordic's nurses weigh-in for International Nurses Day


Happy International Nurses Day! In celebration and appreciation of the many nurses here at Nordic Global, we have gathered nurses from across the Nordic brands to learn more about their experiences as nurses, and gain insights into how they have translated that knowledge to consulting.

‘Chipping away at barriers’: Nurse practitioners filling primary-care gap

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Pandemic safety protections, wage increase key for nursing unions in new contracts

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The nation's largest nursing union has reached agreements on more than 50 contracts covering around 27,000 nurses across the country at major hospital chains like HCA and Tenet since February

Higher education can help solve America's nursing shortage

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By adapting new tactics, building more flexible ways to credential new nurses and making academic progression more accessible, learning institutions can take critical steps to strengthen America's core of nurses, the authors argue

Home-Based Care Providers See Staffing Tailwinds from Inflation, Travel Nursing Decrease

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There is an increasing amount of evidence suggesting that the home health and home care labor markets could get a boost from two somewhat unexpected types of workers: sidelined ones returning to their respective fields and travel or contract nurses finally looking to find a home.

May is a Great Month for Nurses and Everything Nursing

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As the title of this blog says, May is indeed a great month for nursing (every month is but I may be biased). May is when we observe National Nurses Day, National Nurses Week, National Skilled Nursing Week, International Nurses Day to name a few.

Nurses, Tenet hospital reach deal 9 months into strike

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The two sides reached an agreement after two weeks of discussions with federal mediators, including a final in-person session mediated by U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh

More than half of states will see nursing demand outstrip supply in the next 5 years, Mercer finds

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Other predictions include that primary care will increasingly be provided by non-physicians, like physician assistants and nurse practitioners, and demand for mental health providers will rise by more than 10

COVID-19 Toolkit for Nursing Homes

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TMF has provided a COVID-19 Toolkit for Nursing Homes that looks to be a great resource. Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare. This 5-page toolkit contains many informational websites. Here’s a snippet of that: I hope you’ll check it out!

More than 4K Stanford nurses vote to strike in California

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The nurses' demands in new contracts focus on recruitment and retention of nursing staff "amid an industry-wide shortage and nurses being exhausted after working through the pandemic, many in short-staffed units," the union said

Minnesota Nurse Aide Training Program Call – May 16, 2022 

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Join the Nurse Aide Training Program call May 16 at 11 a.m. MDH’s Nurse Aide Registry (NAR) staff will host an informational call on Microsoft Teams for nurse aide training programs registered with the State of Minnesota on Monday, May 16 at 11 a.m.

What to expect at MEDITECH’s 2021 Nurse Forum


It’s hard to believe that we are just one day away from MEDITECH’s 2021 Nurse Forum. Nursing Healthcare ITI’m looking forward to coming together virtually with hundreds of members of our customer community who have registered to attend.

Surge in 'new' nurses reflects rise in resignations, job shuffling, study finds

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Median nursing tenure fell 19.5% across the U.S from March 2021 to March 2022, according to an analysis by Epic

Give a Shout Out to Your Nursing Assistants

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Nursing assistants and aides play a key role in delivering quality care to your patients and residents, including at long-term care facilities. Please take a moment to recognize and show your appreciation for nursing assistants June 16-23 in observance of National Nursing Assistants Week.

With Nursing Shortages, How are You Ensuring Retention?

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With Nursing Shortages, How are You Ensuring Retention? For years, healthcare leaders have been concerned about a nursing shortage, but COVID has brought the deficit to critical levels. There are things healthcare leaders can do to make nurses’ lives a bit easier.

10 interesting facts about nurses

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