NJ Launches Statewide Population Health Data Project

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Sharing is caring – app aims to fill gaps in health-data infrastructure

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Despite concerns, most Americans are willing to share health data in some cases, survey finds

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Despite concerns, most Americans are willing to share health data in some cases, survey finds. agliadkovskaya. Wed, 05/11/2022 - 16:56

2022 GHIMA Health Data and Information Conference


Speaker: Elliot Holt, Product Manager of Data Science, nThrive. Join Elliot Holt, Product Manager of Data Science at nThrive, at GHIMA22 for his session “AI in Health Care: A Cure for Data Pains.” The post 2022 GHIMA Health Data and Information Conference appeared first on nThrive. Dates: August 21-22, 2022. Location: Desoto Hotel, Savannah, GA. The expensive and wasteful practices of the U.S.

Americans Grew Digital Health-Data Muscles in the Pandemic – New Insights from the Pew Charitable Trusts

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“Most Americans clearly recognize the potential benefits that improved health IT can offer, and they want this transformation of the health care system to continue,” the Pew Charitable Trusts research concludes in Most Americans Want to Share and Access More Digital Health Data.

Truveta's health data platform launches with $200M, insights on COVID breakthrough infections

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Truveta's health data platform launches with $200M, insights on COVID breakthrough infections. rtorrence. Tue, 11/09/2021 - 14:59

HIMSS 2022: Microsoft rolls out Azure Health Data Services to unify clinical, imaging and medical device data

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HIMSS 2022: Microsoft rolls out Azure Health Data Services to unify clinical, imaging and medical device data. hlandi. Wed, 03/16/2022 - 06:50

Our Mobile Health Data: Shared, Identifiable, and Privacy-Deprived

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As more mobile app users — consumers, patients, and caregivers — use these handy digital health tools, much of the data we share can be re-identified and monetized by third parties well beyond those we believe we’re sharing with. This compromised health data privacy scenario comes out of research published this month in the BMJ , Data sharing practices of medicines related apps and the mobile ecosystem: traffic, content, and network analysis.

General Catalyst, a16z and Rock Health back Ribbon Health's $43.5M series B to build out health data platform

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General Catalyst, a16z and Rock Health back Ribbon Health's $43.5M series B to build out health data platform. hlandi. Tue, 11/16/2021 - 16:32

Using Social Determinants of Health Data to Forge an Equitable Future


Given how closely financial health is linked to overall wellness, 1 it’s important to recognize that keeping individuals and communities healthy involves much more than simply taking temperatures and prescribing medication. Data can help.

Skyflow Secures $45M to Expand Health Data Privacy Vault – HLTH21

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What You Should Know: – Skyflow , a Palo Alto, CA-based customer data privacy company, today announced a $45M Series B financing round led by Insight Partners. PHI data privacy, security and compliance, solved with a simple API.

Global Health Data Sharing: The Case of China and the Two Coronavirus Pandemics

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Although tensions over the coronavirus seem to be prompting China to isolate itself in terms of data sharing, the first coronavirus pandemic in 2003 actually helped open China to health collaborations with other countries.

Roundup: MedTech Europe welcomes European Health Data Space, AI detects interval breast cancers, and more briefs

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MedTech Europe welcomes launch of European Health Data Space. The European Commission this week launched the European Health Data Space (EHDS), which will allow citizens to access their health data in any EU member state.

Patient Health Data is a Total Privacy Risk. You Might Be Surprised What Risks are Flagged.


Health Affairs Article Points to HIO Readiness & Engagement in TEFCA. HIMSS Announces 2021 Changemaker in Health Awardees. EHR Vendor Cerner Links with Apple For Patient Health Data Exchange. Health Interoperability Standards.

With iOS 15, Apple Health can share health data directly with big name EHRs


New health record data standard adoption remains stagnant, ONC finds. Defense Logistics Agency Is Building an EHR to Track Occupational Health. CMS won't take enforcement action for payer-to-payer data exchange in May interoperability rule.

The Evolution of SDOH and Health Data Exchange

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I recently provided my perspective as a healthcare solution provider to Healthcare Innovation on the topic of what the current landscape of Social Determinants of Health and health data exchange is and where I see it heading. Social Determinants of Health

Sicker Consumers Are More Willing to Share Health Data

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People dealing with chronic conditions are keener to share personally-generated data than people that don’t have a chronic disease, Deloitte’s 2018 Survey of U.S> > Health Care Consumers learned. This and other insights about the patient journey are published in Inside the patient journey , a report from Deloitte that assesses three key touch points for consumer health engagement.

Tech Assets Might Help Make Public Health Data More Equity-Centered

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public health system. What would more equity-centered, tech-engaged public health data look like The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified broad societal inequities and trained a spotlight on the strengths and weaknesses of the U.S.

Health Data Privacy Protection Requires Cultural Changes and A Holistic Approach

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Data has become a critical asset for health care providers, arguably equivalent to currency, and in the digital age, failing to adequately protect patient data has become a major risk. million for a healthcare data breach , even before making a ransom payment.

Health Consumers Value Sharing and Downloading Health Data, But Privacy Concerns Remain

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are growing their health IT muscles and literacy, accelerated in the coronavirus pandemic. adults 18 and over to determine peoples’ perspectives on personal health information in light of their pandemic era experiences. People in the U.S.

Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Health Data Information Exchange and Interoperability

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Medical scientists and computer scientists are working toward a common goal to improve how we gather healthcare data and then store and analyze it. It’s all hands on deck when it comes to responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Health Data Privacy Gets the Attention It Deserves

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The Partners in Privacy Conference gathered world-class experts to address some of health care’s most vexing problems. The challenges involved in keeping patient and consumer health data private may seem daunting. Department of Health and Human Services.

Webinar: Got Data?: How the Health Data Rules are Changing

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On June 1, SPB Partner Elliot Golding and other industry experts will co-present on the ABA Webinar: Got Data?: How the Health Data Rules are Changing. Additionally, the webinar will cover recent and upcoming modifications to the 42 CFR Part 2 rules and the interplay between health data regulations and state privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), and Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA).

Invitae Acquires Ciitizen for $325M to Strengthen its Patient-Consented Health Data Platform

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What You Should Know: – Medical genetics company Invitae today announced its $325M acquisition of Ciitizen , a patient-centric consumer health tech company that offers a global platform to help patients collect, organize, store and share their medical records digitally.

Comment on Talking about the NIH “All of Us” Program with Dara Richardson-Heron MD, Chief Engagement Officer – Harlow On Healthcare by You Had One Job, or, If You Can’t Ensure Data Security, Then …. - Health Data Answers

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[…] one of NIH’s data management contractor for the All of Us genomic and other health data research project, was found by OIG to have a number of holes in its […

Philips and Prisma Health Partner to Drive Enterprise Interoperability & Imaging Solutions

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What You Should Know: – South Carolina’s largest health system Prisma Health adopts Philips software solutions for patient monitoring and enterprise imaging, helping to drive interoperability and data analytics, and deliver on Quadruple Aim.

Butterfly Network & Ambra Health Partner to Enhance Ultrasound Data Integration

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“We are excited to partner with Butterfly Network and believe the value our two companies bring to hospitals and health systems will be significant. Digital Health Ambra Health Data Integration UltrasoundWhat You Should Know: – Butterfly Network, Inc.

Reflecting on HIMSS 2022: Reimagining healthcare for the future  

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We showcased the next wave of innovation for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and how it continues to help organizations reshape their connected care journey to deliver personalized patient experiences, expand virtual health capabilities, and transform data interoperability.

Ribbon Health Raises $43.5M for Healthcare API Data Platform

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What You Should Know: – Ribbon Health , an API data platform that powers high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient care decisions, announced a $43.5 Enterprise Data Platform and API Layer for Healthcare Solutions.

Comment on Tufts’ Peter Neumann and cost-effectiveness analysis – Better health through better measurement – Harlow On Healthcare by Cost-effectiveness Analysis – Better Health Through Better Measurement - Health Data Answers

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[…] article was originally published on HealthBlawg and is republished here with […

The Reluctance of Consumers to Share Personal Information – The Challenge of Data for Health “Blurring”

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Health is the cornerstone to our core needs, thereby the cornerstone to trust.” The study was conducted to assess consumers’ views on sharing personal data for health purposes.

Consumers’ Embrace of Digital Health Tech Stalls, and Privacy Concerns Prevail – Accenture’s 2020 Research

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Millions of dollars and developers’ time have been invested in conceiving and making digital health tools. Use of mobile apps to track personal health activity fell from nearly 1 in 2 consumers to 1 in 3. Just 1 in 5 people see these as benefits of adopting digital health tech.

The Single Market for Healthcare in Europe: Learnings for the U.S.

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When I’m in the UK later this week, I’ll address the challenge for the UK, Brexit and the National Health Service. While national health services funding and delivery modes will still have local models of organization and control, some over-arching concepts and cooperation are being forged. Two key issues are in my work-radar this trip: digital health cross-border, and health innovation funding.

News 3/16/22


Top News Health data integration company Lyniate will acquire patient.

Despite Greater Digital Health Engagement, Americans Have Worse Health and Financial Outcomes Than Other Nations’ Health Citizens

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The idea of health care consumerism isn’t just an American discussion, Deloitte points out in its 2019 global survey of healthcare consumers report, A consumer-centered future of health. 85% of these patients believe health care costs in general are “too high.”

Patients’ Expectations for Health Beyond Care: Think Food, Exercise, Emotions, Sleep and Finance

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People want to make health with their health care providers, and they want more than care from them: most patients are looking for support with healthy eating, exercise, emotional support, sleep, stress management, social relationships, and financial health. And in case physicians, nurses and pharmacists aren’t sufficiently business with that punch-list for health, two in three U.S.

Can AI Make Healthcare Human Again? Dr. Topol Says “Yes”

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” Dr. Verghese asserts this in his forward to Deep Medicine , Dr. Eric Topol’s latest work which explores the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and robotics — three legs of the Fourth Industrial Age stool. [If If you don’t know the work of Dr. Verghese, and since you’re reading the Health Populi blog, you must get to know Dr. V now. This is familiar territory here in Health Populi where we cover every nook and cranny of dismal U.S.

Google Has Officially Acquired Fitbit. Now What?

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By Andrew Matzkin, Partner, Co-Leader of the Health Advances Digital Health and Health IT Practice. 1) Data and Privacy Concerns are Overblown. Health IT and Digital Health Data Privacy digital health Employee Wellness Fitbit Google

Most Americans Are Curious and Hopeful About Genetics Research, But Privacy-Concerned

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People value genetics research on a personal level: 3 in 4 Americans told the ASHG that genetic research is important to improving family health. Health Populi’s Hot Points: The ASHG poll finds that U.S.

News 9/8/21


Top News Invitae will acquire Ciitizen, a consumer-focused health data.

What #CES2019 5 Tech Trends to Watch Mean for Health/Care

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As #CES2019 kicks off in Las Vegas with today’s first Media Day, the Consumer Technology Association presented its forecast on the 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 — and they all play into health, wellness, and medical care. Digital Health Tech Empowers Patients. Here are how these five mega-trends can bolster our health and healthcare products and services over the next decade. ” #SDOH is the hashtag for “Social Determinants of Health.”

Why Humana Joined CTA – The Pivot from “Health Insurance” to Behaving as a Health-Tech Start-Up

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If you read this blog, you know one of the fastest-growing “aisles” at the annual conference is digital health. Humana joined up with CTA’s Health and Fitness Technology Division this month. Last year, Humana hired Heather Cox in the new post of Chief Digital Health and Analytics Officer, reporting directly to Bruce Broussard, Humana’s CEO. as a “health insurance company” evolving to its vision as technology-informed health care.

Isn’t It Eyeconic? Vision Care in the Evolving Health Care Ecosystem

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The vision/optical industry is one piece of the health/care ecosystem, but the segment has not been as directly impacted by patients’ new consumer muscles until just about now. I was grateful to have an opportunity to share my views with attendees on the vision patient as health consumer through the health economic lens. There’s a new data continuum with a shift in the relationship between the deliverers of services and their buyers.