Telehealth has grown by leaps at doc practices, with wide variance in usage patterns

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To the surprise of no one, the new AMA Physician Practice Benchmark Survey , finds a major uptick in use of telehealth since before the pandemic: 70.3% More than 80% of family and general practice physicians (80.9%) and nearly 80% of internists (76.6%) also conduct routine video visits.

What Is Patient Retention and Why Does It Matter for Your Practice?

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Without patients, even the best doctor won’t see profit, and their practice will fail. Patient retention in healthcare is more or less what it sounds like: keeping the patients who turn to your practice loyal to you.


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Telehealth is Health: It’s Telehealth Awareness Week

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physicians worked in a practice that used telehealth versus 25% who did so in 2018, based on a new survey from the AMA. Family and general practice physicians, 80.9%, and.

What Covid-19 has taught us about digital adoption in primary care

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Electronic clinical systems have been in widespread use in general practice since the 1990s [1] , followed by a series of other advances, most recently including patients being able to access some parts of their clinical record via their personal electronic devices.

Primary care networks have made a good start but there is a long road ahead for many

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We have heard from many clinical directors that the new relationships formed between practices within their PCN have been hugely beneficial in coordinating their local response to the pandemic.

Covid: ‘Primary care needs support, space and resource to enable NHS services to recover’

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Having vaccinated over 42 million people in England and counting, the vaccination programme has shown the benefit of general practice and other primary care providers working together with a common goal.

Pharma’s Future Relevance Depends on Empathy, Messaging, Partnering, and Supporting Patients and Providers

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For the study, Accenture surveyed 720 health care providers in general practice, oncology, immunology, and cardiology working in China, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the U.S., COVID-19 is re-shaping all industries, especially health care.

Avoiding Nuisances of Special Characters in Argus Safety


Below are a few examples of irritating outcomes when special characters are introduced and the best practices to avoid the impact. As a general practice, based on our experience with various client data, we recommend avoiding using the special character/symbols as much as possible.