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How telehealth can help inpatient care, and what a hybrid future looks like

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Healthcare provider organizations and clinicians are fortunate that telehealth has gone mainstream as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth opens up many new avenues to expand access to care, streamline the delivery of care, create new workflows and improve patient outcomes.

Only in America: Medical Debt Hits High Income and Insured People, KHN and NPR Report

Health Populi

When high-deductible health plans became part of health insurance design in America, they were lauded as giving patients “more skin in the game” of health care payments.

FirstLight Home Care Names New CEO; DispatchHealth Hires New Leader

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FirstLight Home Care names new CEO. FirstLight Home Care’s president of one year has also been named as the company’s CEO. Glee McAnanly, named president last year, will serve as the new CEO and will also handle executive leadership duties.

We Are Stuck On Band-Aids, Hygiene, and Self-Care: Morning Consult’s Most Trusted Brands 2022

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We are stuck on Band-Aids and hooked on hygiene and self-care according to the Most Trusted Brands 2022 study from Morning Consult. In 2022, the most trusted brands in the United States were. Band-Aid. Lysol. Clorox. CVS Health (pharmacy). Cheerios. The Weather Channel. Colgate, and. Home Depot.

How Home Health Providers Are Training Staff to Improve Patient Survey Scores

Home Health Care

With a number of home health regulatory changes coming once the calendar flips to 2023, agencies are focusing on getting a head start adjusting their staff to changes. Many leaders consider major regulatory shifts as an issue that needs to be dealt with from the top, down.

Words We Should Stop Using in Healthcare

Healthcare Leadership

A couple of weeks ago, I was struck by a tweet from our friends @savvy_coop that encouraged us to stop saying “we are all patients”. It got me thinking about other terms/phrases in healthcare that we should stop using like “non-adherent patient”.

Making Your Own Incense Cones

American College of Healthcare Sciences

Creating your own Incense Cones or Incense Sticks is easy, fun and also makes great gifts! What you need: – Blank incense cones or incense sticks. – Essential oil, fragrance or blend of choice. – Denatured alcohol. – A deep pan, tray or large jar. – Gloves.

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Readers Write: How One ACO Used Analytics to Promote Health Equity: Lessons for the ACO REACH Model


How One ACO Used Analytics to Promote Health Equity: Lessons. Readers Write


What if Russia's Army Fails in Ukraine?

The Rand Blog

Fighting in Ukraine will likely continue. But battlefield advantages could continue to ebb and flow, too. The West should prudently prepare for Ukrainian success as well as a less favorable outcome


How can physicians earn a ‘gold card’?

Healthcare ECONOMIST

Prior authorization is a pain. A paper by Howell et al. 2021) found that the total cost of various utilization management schemes is $93.3 billion of which physicians devote $26.7 billion worth of time to navigate utilization management systems. Payers would argue that prior authorization helps to control costs and stop the prescribing of unnecessary medications. Is there a better way?

The Metaverse: What It Is and Is Not

The Rand Blog

The metaverse is quickly expanding, but its meaning remains unclear. Until an agreement on a definition of “metaverse” is reached, efforts to manage the technology development and related public policy could be muddled at best


HIStalk Interviews Todd Cozzens, Managing Partner, Transformation Capital


Todd Cozzens is co-founder and managing partner of Transformation Capital. Interviews


Do Americans Know Who Their Diplomats Are? Or What They Do?

The Rand Blog

Americans have a limited understanding of how diplomats are selected and how diplomacy interacts with other elements of the U.S. national security establishment.


Members Share Views and Strategies Related to COVID’s Impact


The post Members Share Views and Strategies Related to COVID’s Impact appeared first on GoMo Health. Media Mention


Will the New 988 Hotline Be a Game Changer for Mental Health or a Missed Opportunity?

The Rand Blog

Someone dies from suicide in the United States every 11 minutes, a rate that has increased almost 30% since 2000. The 988 mental health hotline will launch on July 16 but states need to clear significant hurdles: funding the expanded crisis response system and making sure people know it's available


Is there really a best time to send an email?


One of the most contemplated questions in email marketing is: is there actually a specific day and time an email should be sent for the best results? In my opinion, it is almost impossible to say a specific day and time is the best for an email send.

Curbside Consult with Dr. Jayne 6/20/22


I get my news from HIStalk just like everyone else, Dr. Jayne


Jordan: Challenges and Successes in COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The Rand Blog

Lockdown restrictions that may have contributed to low COVID-19 case numbers in Jordan early in the pandemic resulted in economic stresses and increased psychological distress in the general population.


Morning Headlines 6/21/22


Orion Health’s 30th Birthday Marks New Era Of Profitability And. Headlines


19 Creative Director Secrets for Your Next Photo Shoot

Health Care Success

Today, healthcare brands have more photography and videography options than ever. For many situations, hiring professionals, such as a professional photographer, a production company, or a videographer, will be best. .

Buckeye Health Plan signs on with Walgreens' Health Corners

Fierce Healthcare

Buckeye Health Plan signs on with Walgreens' Health Corners. pminemyer. Tue, 06/21/2022 - 02:23

Supreme Court Saves Hospitals from $1.6B Cut to 340B Program

Healthcare Law Blog

On June 15, 2022, in a win for hospitals, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in American Hospital Association et. Becerra (“ Becerra ”), overturning massive reimbursement reductions in the 340B drug pricing program (“340B Program”). The 340B Program, in which some 40% of U.S.

Apache Spark for.Net – Kick Starter


Apache Spark: Apache Spark is a general-purpose distributed processing engine for analytics over large data sets – typically terabytes or petabytes of data. Apache Spark can be used for processing data in batches, real-time streams, machine learning and ad-hoc query.

Office of Civil Rights Publishes Guidance on Use of Audio-Only Telehealth Services

Healthcare Law Blog

As telehealth services surged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, unique compliance challenges likewise developed in unexpected ways.

The Importance and Development of An Iteration Plan


As an agile Project Manager, you face a lot of pressure to assure your stakeholders that your project is on track. You are the one the client is calling saying, “are we going to finish this thing on time??” It is imperative to have documentation that can eliminate all doubt that you will.


19 Creative Director Secrets for Your Next Photo Shoot

Healthcare Success

Today, healthcare brands have more photography and videography options than ever. For many situations, hiring professionals, such as a professional photographer, a production company, or a videographer, will be best. .

Perficient and HCL Software Discuss the Emerging Growth of AI in B2B Ecommerce


Perficient and HCL Software recently hosted a webinar with DC360 about the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in B2B Ecommerce.


Perspectives on Achieving Digital Accessibility in the Healthcare Experience


Increasingly, topics like digital responsibility are entering the conversation around digital transformation. This responsibility has evolved from primarily focusing on data privacy to now include accessibility, diversity, and inclusion as well. Really, it’s about being more proactive, less reactive.

The Second Thing to Know When Looking to Replatform


In this second installment of our five-part blog series, we’ll talk about the second reason customers decide to seek out a new system. Let’s get back into it. Reason #2: Licenses for the current system are expiring or the system is discontinuing.